How to Handle a Warning For a Traffic Violation

Florida drivers who receive a warning instead of a traffic ticket from a law enforcement officer after committing a violation are often relieved. Warnings are not recorded on an individual's driving record, cannot be used to raise insurance rates, and don't result in a fine. A warning for a traffic infraction is a reprieve, but it should also be viewed as [...]

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Law Enforcement Exam Strategies – How to Pass the B-PAD (Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device)

What is the BPAD (Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device)? It's SHOW TIME ... The BPAD, also known as the Video Simulation Exercise is an assessment exercise which [...]

What Did Susan B Anthony and the Fox Sisters Have in Common?

Nestled in the old-growth forests surrounding Cassadaga Lake in Eastern New York, the community of Lily Dale sits as a beaconing force to the Spiritualists of the world. [...]

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Quality Assessment Frameworks?

The Deming Prize was established in 1951 to recognize quality achievement in Japanese organizations. The award was named to honor Deming, the leading thinker and [...]

Maximizing Outdoor Experiential Training and Development Programs

It is not uncommon for clients and business managers to be swept away by the novelty of outdoor experiential training and development programs. This often leads to misuse, [...]

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Computer Major

If you're considering going to school to become an IT professional, you should learn what the top 10 qualities of a great computer major are. This will be helpful in [...]

The Lessons I Learned From ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’

If I'd never read 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki, my outlook on life would be so different. I'd still believe that the job I have should go to support my lifestyle, [...]

Why Schools Are Choosing the Ergonomic Desk Over Conventional School Desks

The new ergonomic desk has become the latest technology in the school desk manufacturing industry. In recent years there has been a growing concern for classroom furniture [...]

Forensic Accounting – a New Paradigm For Niche Consulting

OBJECTIVES OF WRITING THIS ARTICLE: Forensic accounting(F.A.) has come into limelight due to rapid increase in financial frauds and white-collar crimes. But it is largely [...]

Home School Lesson Plans Made Easy – The Secrets of Learning – Magic Numbers

There is an amazing technique that changes the skills and attitudes of math students. It teaches students to understand math in a whole new way. For those students who [...]

The History of Lawyers

Ever since Socrates received the death penalty in Greece, 400 years before the Common Era - and most likely long before that - people have been complaining about, and [...]